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Beginners Courses

Pre-recorded course videos. You can choose as per your convenience.
The courses are emailed to you. Lifetime Access. Valid till 31st December, 2021


Signature Analysis Course

Learn How to Analyze Signatures and Provide solutions.

Duration: 90 Minutes  of Training


  1. Meaning of signature.

  2. Impact of signatures.

  3. Baseline or degree of signature.

  4. Only name signature.

  5. Only surname signature.

  6. Dots below the signature.

  7. Lines above signatures.

  8. Circling your signature.

  9. Name and surname signature type.

  10. Multi-level Signature.

  11. Analysis of a Signature.

Price: 999/-
Offer Price: 299/- Rupees only
Lifetime Access
Certificate on Completion

Drawing Analysis Course

Learn to Decode Drawings and provide therapy to children and adults. 

6 - Elements:

  • Sun

  • Mountain

  • Water

Duration: 2 hours of  Training.
Price: 1,299/-
Offer Price: 499/- Rupees only
  • Tree

  • House

  • Human

Lifetime Access
Practice Sample analysis
Certificate on Completion

Graphology Course

Introduction to Handwriting Analysis

  • What is handwriting analysis?

  • What are the uses?

  • How to take handwriting sample?

  • Color of pen and the behavior connected to it?

  • Types of cancellation.

  • Meaning and types of margins.

Duration: 3 hours of  Training.
Price: 2,499/-
Offer Price: 699/- Rupees only
  • How does a person manage finances?

  • Does a person have suicidal thoughts?

  • Is the person afraid to face the future?

  • Letters:

  • Claw, a, e, g, i, etc.

  • Practice Sample Analysis

Lifetime Access
Certificate on Completion

What People Say



Sonal has been practicing Graphology from the past nine years. She has been designing therapies for people suffering from psychological disorders helping them to change their lives. She's been providing Graphotherapy to individuals to help them cope with health issues.

In the past eight years she has been successful in teaching and helping people in various parts of the world. 

She has trained around 4000+ individuals and counselled 1000+ individuals. Her students have gone to make their own career in the field.

She has students and clients in India, Singapore, Australia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and other parts of the world. Associated with Wisdom Matters- Mental Wellbeing and Rehabilitation Centre ( Her work has been covered by renowned media publications and has been awarded for her contribution to the field. 

Notebook and Pen

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