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Being a Psychologist and a Graphologist for 10 years, She understands the importance of thoughts, emotions, and human potential. 

So, putting together all the knowledge and experience that she has gathered over the years, she has designed HER COURSES.

Free Learnings


Sonal is a very hardworking, patient and a brilliant teacher. I always feeling that knowing a certain skill and teaching that skill to others is a totally different ball game. Teaching is an art and she has mastered it perfectly. She goes in a very comfortable pace, clears all your doubts and gives you the inspiration to think critically; she won’t spoon feed you things but will hold your hand and make you see through the solution yourself. She is very understanding and polite. The biggest bonus is that she provides guidance even after the classes are over and builds a community for you. Highly highly recommend!!

Shubhangi Kejriwal|

Psychology Student

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