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Introduction to Drawing

What will you Learn?

Drawings reveal a deeper level of your subconscious. Allowing you freedom to express and hence becomes a powerful tool to understand human behavior.

The course introduces you to the basic elements of drawing and what they all reveal about a person.


You do not need to be an artist to do this, all you need is the drive to understand and help others.

The course is E-mailed to you within 24 hours.

Please make sure to mention your Gmail id on checkout. .

Get access to pre-recorded video sessions.
Lifetime access.

Certificate on Completion



What will you learn?

What is drawing analysis and which areas it is useful in?

Which population it can be used upon?

How does a person deal with obstacles and challenges in life?

Is there a successful career?

How does a person manage finances?

Does the person feel safe in their own house?

Does a person have suicidal thoughts?

Is the person afraid to face the future?

What has the individual been missing since childhood?

What are the wishes or hopes for the future?

And a lot more...


You will be taught right from the beginning, from how to give instructions to how to analyze post completion of learning.


The elements that will be taught are :

Mountains, water, sun, tree, house and human figure.

Meaning of each and their formations.

This introduction to drawing is a comprehensive course of 2 hours along with lifetime access to the course. What more will you want?

Price: 1,299/-

Offer Price: 499/- Rupees only

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About the mentor:

Sonal K Oswal is a Graphologist, Counselor and Reiki Grandmaster. With her Master's Degree in Clinical and Buddhist Psychology working in the field of training and counseling since 8 years. She has students and clients worldwide. Her students have themselves working as Graphology Trainers.

Her work has been recognized and published in various newspapers and magazines some of them being Times of India, Gruh Laxmi, Sunday Guardian, etc. She has been invited to conducted trainings on Graphology awareness in schools, colleges and corporates.


Price: 1,299/-
Offer Price: 499/- Rupees only


This course have a given me a chance to learn about myself. It's a very interesting course and Sonal have explained it in such a wonderful way.


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